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ROUSH Performance Parts Australia | Mustang Parts

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience behind every ROUSH part. We do more than simply selling parts that upgrade performance. Rather, we do so while holding the highest standards of quality and longevity. To do this requires a high-level of understanding of the entire vehicle as a system, and this is something that few in the industry deliver.

ROUSH is most known for its line of high performance Mustang powertrain parts, including superchargers, cold air intakes, and exhaust kits. However, this is just the beginning of what we have to offer.

ROUSH suspension kits have been developed with hundreds of man-hours of labour on the track, street, and engineering design studio. Brake packages which we sell for street use have likewise been highly developed and even tested in a number of racing series. ROUSH body kits are manufactured with OE-quality materials, many of which are produced at the ROUSH plastics manufacturing facility. The list goes on to include a full line of wheels, tyres, interior, grilles, graphics, service parts, accessories, drivetrain, cooling upgrades, and more. In addition to Mustang, you'll also find performance upgrade packages for Ford F-150 and Ranger.

  • Mustang Exhaust Parts and Upgrades
  • Mustang Wheels
  • Mustang Cold Air Intake
  • Mustang Suspension Upgrade
  • Mustang Side Scoops | Mustang Body Kits
  • Mustang Front Splitter | Mustang Aerodynamics

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